Established in 2013, HijabFest...


Our Vision

Our presence on this earth is a test of wills. We are here to discover our Maker, to know and love Him through our own choice and volition. We also recognize that we are near the end of our umma’s history, and that keeping the faith is often an uphill challenge. The most striking symbol of this challenge is the hijab. HijabFest exists to sweeten that challenge. In perspective, HijabFest is but a small speck in the universe, but its mission is huge. Through our work, we want to make you proud of the culture our Lord has endowed us. “The intention of a believer is greater than their deeds.” HijabFest is constantly exploring new ways to spark that pride and unleash that love in the hearts of our attendees. We believe in ideals. We don’t compromise. We believe success is only granted to those who rightly align themselves with the heavens. We believe in the arts, in style, and in the value of excellent design. These are the ideals that make HijabFest what it is. So long as we keep our eye on the prize and never waver, this is event will continue to serve its cause with vitality and flare.

Modesty is the best jewel of a woman.
— Fatima al Zahra'